Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Today's post is brought to you by the letter E

Flickr. Mappr. Montagr.

What the hell happened to the letter e? It's a perfectly good letter, and my personal favorite vowel.

Whn did popl dcid to stop using it?

Because really, it just looks stupid.

I think the cell phone companies started it--first there was the Razr. Then came the Cruzr. Then the Oystr. Now the Marbl. Whr will it all nd?

Hmm. This is making me think of something, to wit: which is most annoying, the Missing E, the use of Z as a pluralizer, or internal capitalization? I think I'll post a poll, see if anyone votes.

Oh by the way, none of the three will make it past Second Place, as The Apostrophe In Plurals wins, hands down.

Or should I say hand's down?


permanoob said...

RAZR dropped the O...the big O...he he he

hazelnut said...

... I see that "bacn" drops the O, too, permanoob and Sausage King. Didn't James Thurber write a book about this (the O, not the E) in 1957?